Diffusion Solutions Intégrées merge with Emyx technologies

Today we are announcing an important business decision. Since the start of the year, the Diffusion Solutions Intégrées (DSI) family has grown with the arrival of Emyx Technologies from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. This merger consolidates our leadership position in the Quebec market and now brings the number of employees to more than 35.

Emyx Technologies, owned by Maxime Roy and David Bissonnette, are the designer of the “Emyx Horo” solution, which automates timesheets and calculates project costs in real time, among other things. It should be noted that more than 1.6 million timesheets have been produced across Canada, thanks to “Emyx Horo”. In addition, the Emyx team has in-depth expertise in the construction industry, which will be an important asset for our current and future clients.

Diffusion Solution Intégrées and Emyx Technologies share the same values of collaboration and professionalism. The transaction was therefore made in a natural way and will be beneficial for all.

As we enter our 15th anniversary, we are proud to say that DSI is really on the go. In fact, since 2018, we have practically doubled our number of employees and, with the addition of Emyx Technologies, we now have more than 800 clients across Quebec and Canada, both SMEs and large companies.


We are sure that, like us, you will receive the news positively and that we can count on your usual cooperation. We confirm that no changes will be made to your current services and that the agreements are still in effect.

In closing, we would like to sincerely thank you for the confidence you have placed in Diffusion Solutions Intégrées.