What can you manage with Emyx HORO?


Timesheets are automatically generated for you. No more calculation grids!



Plan the schedule of your employees. They will be able to consult the information directly on their phone.


Know exactly the time spent on each project as well as the labor costs.



Employees can create work orders from their cell phones and have customers sign them. Turn them into quotes in your accounting system.

Emyx HORO features

Different functionalities according to your needs

Different functionalities according to your needs

New products are added regularly to meet the needs of our customers.

Inventory and materials

Inventory and materials

Track the inventory of materials used for each project as well as the associated costs

Pictures and documents

Send and receive photos and documents associated with each project with your employees

Machinery and equipment

Machinery and equipment

Know the cost of using each of your equipment


Keep the GPS position of arrivals and departures and get a real-time view of all your resources.

Get started in hours


Free quote and demonstration by our team. Let us show you how Emyx’s functionalities adapt to the reality of your business. The solution is compatible with most accounting software.

First contact

Implementation and training

Once the deal is done, we meet with your team for a brief but comprehensive training on the solution.

Second appointment


Whether it’s for questions about the solution or feature ideas, we’re always available to answer your questions.


No more race for timesheets

Use existing equipment

Compatible with Android and iPhone, the solution installs directly on your employees’ cellphones. No need to buy equipment! Want a central station? We offer electronic tablets for factories or offices.

Connect with your team

In addition to the functions of timestamps (punch), Emyx Horo allows you to plan the work schedule, share photos and documents with your employees and follow the progress of projects. No more confusion

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